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Ken Drachnik

VP of Marketing at CloudSimple. Ken is responsible for global marketing initiatives which include driving demand, increasing awareness and working with our major marketing partner Microsoft. He is a 25 year veteran of high tech with broad experience in enterprise and SaaS software. Ken’s focus is to scale marketing at CloudSimple like he grew teams at Sauce Labs and KACE (acquired by Dell). Previously, he was the Systems Management GM at Canonical and held various marketing positions at Sun Microsystems, Vignette and AvantGo. Ken has a BS in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science from U.C. Davis.

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Jun 6, 2019 12:51:00 AM / by Ken Drachnik posted in VMware-as-a-Service

Making VMware-as-a-Service a Reality on Azure

For over 20 years, VMware's leading hypervisor developments have made computing easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Initially designed for data centers, it has worked well on-premises and is now making  its way to the cloud.

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