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Making VMware-as-a-Service a Reality on Azure

Jun 6, 2019 12:51:00 AM / by Ken Drachnik

For over 20 years, VMware's leading hypervisor developments have made computing easier, more efficient, and less expensive. Initially designed for data centers, it has worked well on-premises and is now making  its way to the cloud.


However, even though VMware can run in the cloud, most of IT is not ready to move VMware into the cloud.  Moving your enterprise workloads to the cloud is all about taking advantage of an infrastructure that you can shape instantly as your needs change, rather than being locked into a fixed, on-site environment, with all its management complexity and inefficiencies.  You also want to take advantage of all the unique innovations and capabilities that public cloud services offer, while reducing capital costs.


So, with  all the compelling benefits and motivation to move to public clouds, why do we still see less than ten percent of all the virtual machines available actually being utilized in the top three public clouds?

Because upgrading, rewriting, and modifying the production applications that an enterprise depends on for its very existence would not only be extremely costly, but beyond acceptable risk.  So, understandably, most enterprise applications remain locked into fixed, on-premises infrastructures. This leaves enterprises unable to take advantage of the latest cloud innovations, unable to improve efficiencies and agility, and unable to optimize costs dynamically.  


The VMware Cloud Challenge

Creating VMware environments in public clouds has its own, unique challenges.


First of all, most implementations we see today just provide bare-bones VMware hosting services. They install VMware on the hardware and hand control to you, expecting you to configure, manage and operate the infrastructure of VMware yourself. This is not real VMware-as-a-Service.

What you really need is a Cloud-like experience so you can consume VMware-as-a-Service.  You want to be able to self-provision resources to deploy VMware - without having to get on the phone with IT support for hours.  Use the tools you are already familiar with, so that you can be efficient when managing your cloud. And, dynamically grow and shrink on demand so you can meet your customer’s needs while optimizing your costs.  Ideally you want the following:

Operational Continuity

Use the same operation, support, monitoring, and process tools you use on premise on the cloud as well.  Ideally, you want to manage all your VMs from the same console - preferably the public cloud portal - so you don’t have to switch views everytime you need to make a change to one of your apps.

Unified Networking and Security Configurations

Reuse in the cloud the same security policies and network configurations that align perfectly to your on-premises setup so you don’t have to modify your applications.  Also, you want your audit, compliance, monitoring and even chargeback policies to align so that you don’t have to make changes.

Application Flexibility

You want your applications to serve the same business needs in the cloud and on-premises,  Using the same applications in both environments saves the time and expense refactoring apps for the cloud.  Once running in the cloud you can adopt the latest cloud applications for AI and ML to analyze your data and derive new insights.


The CloudSimple Solution - VMware-as-a-Service

CloudSimple’s vision is to offer customers native VMware-as-a-Service on dedicated isolated clouds in a public cloud. CloudSimple manages the underlying cluster infrastructure and gives customers the ability to easily manage their policy configurations and workloads the way they are used to with their on-premises systems. CloudSimple’s OS manages the back-end operations of the service in a scalable, automated, and performant way.  With CloudSimple integrated into the public cloud, both public and dedicated cloud services can be consumed seamlessly using service and network integrations architected in the CloudSimple OS to provide customers with the best of both worlds.

The CloudSimple platform has been designed from the ground up to address the primary issue of moving VMware workloads, without modifications, to the cloud and in a true cloud-like way.  

Self-Service, Cloud-Like Experience

The CloudSimple VMware Manager is an API plug in for Azure that provides unified management across VMs in your dedicated cloud and the Azure public cloud.  Users simply log in to consume VMs, as a service, and deploy apps. They never have to use vSphere to manage their VMs (unless you need to).

Operational Continuity 

By maintaining consistency across infrastructure, operations and policies you can easily copy over server templates, firewall rules and other policies and run the same VMware workloads natively on bare metal infrastructure in Azure.  Any VMware workload you have running on-premises can run, natively, on VMware in Azure with CloudSimple.

Today our service is available through Microsoft Azure as the Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple.  As an Azure service, it is sold and supported by Microsoft: just log into Azure and simply apply any credits to buy nodes, then configure your environment -- all within Azure.  

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Ken Drachnik

Written by Ken Drachnik

VP of Marketing at CloudSimple

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