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Simple, but Anything!

Nov 18, 2019 9:28:09 AM / by Guru Pangal

We are thrilled to join Google Cloud and its journey to establish the most modern public cloud for the enterprise.

This journey started in my previous job, where I met a number of CIOs and executives who would pound the table during meetings with technology companies and say "I want to get out of my datacenter in two years," or "I need to move all my workloads to the cloud.” They all wanted the same thing - to  run their organizations with the flexibility, and ability to innovate. Years passed and still a small percentage of workloads were running in the cloud. I started CloudSimple in 2016 to address this issue, with the goal of enabling large sets of existing enterprise workloads to transition to the cloud – without disruption. 

At the outset, we knew we needed to provide customers with the right platform to easily shift their workloads to the cloud. Since we were targeting critical enterprise workloads, the experience had to be seamless; unlocking the major benefits of the cloud like resource elasticity and ease of use with minimal disruption to their existing operations. Very early in the process, we realized VMware was the platform of choice for enterprise applications, and we needed to first enable VMware workloads in the cloud. VMware supported us in our efforts to partner with Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure to enable our vision and goal of making it simple to transform workloads in the cloud. We did this by building an operating system to manage dedicated clouds within public clouds. 

I have always been amazed at the difficulty of making the complex, Simple. And, the cloud is anything but Simple. The magic is in hiding this complexity. We achieved this over the last 3+ years by developing a micro-services based engineered platform that can scale across public clouds in multiple regions. The CloudSimple platform transforms bare-metal resources in public cloud data centers into “as-a-service” private clouds which can be fast-provisioned in an automated fashion. These private clouds are managed through a single portal, enabling customers to easily access all the public cloud services while benefiting from scalable monitoring, alerting, fault tolerance and 24x7 global support of their private clouds. 

We were very fortunate to have great partnerships with VMware, Google and Microsoft, and learnt in the process “how to dance amongst the elephants!” As we started bringing this service to our customers, we were amazed at how well the service was received. We saw the incredible potential to transform enterprise workloads to the cloud by partnering more strategically with a cloud provider who could help us with larger investments and tighter integration with the cloud to realize the massive potential of our offering. Google Cloud's amazing innovation prowess, modern infrastructure and clear leadership in areas like smart analytics convinced us that joining this incredible team will accelerate our joint vision.

I’m incredibly proud of the sharp, experienced and dedicated team at CloudSimple for building this service. We are incredibly excited to be part of Google Cloud and look forward to accelerating our ability to help customers easily move their enterprise workloads to the cloud.

For more information, you can read Google Cloud’s blog post from VP of Engineering, Rich Sanzi.

Guru Pangal

Written by Guru Pangal

Founder & CEO, CloudSimple

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